The BEST 144hz Gaming Monitor Under $200 | Dell D2719HGF Review

The Dell Gaming D2719HGF is easily one of the best gaming monitors under $200. For just $180 you’re getting a budget gaming monitor that’s rocking 144hz and a 2ms response time!

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Dell 2719HGF:

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  1. I’ve had this monitor for nearly a year. Love it. I tried two different VA panels first, both 144Hz. The first VA panel I tried, I thought it was just a bad panel, the amount of ghosting was crazy. I felt like I couldn’t see anything when moving fast in a shooter. Returned it for a different VA, same story. Returned that one for this Dell TN panel and it was like getting eye glasses for the first time. The image doesn’t blur when rotating. Do a little color tuning in the Nvidia Control Panel and it looks just fine. I can deal with some bland colors, but ghosting is a deal breaker. TN panels always.

  2. would this monitor be able to run on the ps4 nicely? the reason I ask this is because playstation does not support 1440p but im wondering how it would work downscaling to 1080 or upscaling to 4k.


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