Dell Inspiron 1564 fan cleaning

Disassembling the Dell Inspiron 1564 & fan-heatsink cleaning.

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  1. This laptop has some of the best features you will ever need in a laptop these days and will last you a good 5-10 years at this level. The 512gb SSD drive makes this thing really fast on startup and for everyday tasks. The screen is bright and vivid too which is impressive for something of its size.

  2. I have the same laptop. I gave it to fix the CPU fan but when it came back the sound stopped working. I think the person who fixed the fan somehow managed not to attach the internal speaker wires. Which ones are those if you can point that out. I will take it apart and try to fix it myself on the same. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I just did a screen ribbon replacement on my one of these as it was flickering then white screening … After fitting the new ribbon however the laptop will not power on , Nothing even with cable in get nothing no lights nothing was fine this morning … ??


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