Dell Inspiron 1525 Overview

This is the last computer I have that I haven’t made a video on yet lol.


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  1. I thought I would tell you a bit about my experiences of upgrading my Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop. I Have been using this since 2007 and have been very happy with it. It originally run Windows Vista but now Windows 10 Pro version 2004.

    A popular upgrade for any laptop is to fit a solid state hard disk. A lot of the slowness of any computer seems to be caused by disk access. This computer has a 160Gb hard disk which is getting pretty full, for this machine I decided on a Crucial BX500 240GB SSD.

    So before fitting the SSD I decided to max out RAM. There are two "slots" in this Laptop and they were both occupied with 1Gb modules. The largest size you can fit to the Inspiron 1525 is 2Gb which gives a total of 4Gb. Again I went for Crucial DDR2 RAM.

    I then installed the latest Windows 10 pro and Office 2019. The machine is still running well after 14 years.

  2. I had this laptop and since I tripped over the power cord for it and it busted on the floor I upgraded to a dell latitude e5420 and it's my main laptop now. I even threw in a 500gb SSD recently and of course running Windows 7 pro until it wont run any longer

  3. YES, mine has the same worn out touch pad spot lol. The top of mine is dark blue, and seemingly degrading badly? The thin rubbery coating material is very sticky no matter what it's cleaned with.

    But I max upgraded it, put a ssd, and recently gave it lubuntu when 7 was dropped.

  4. The real reason you didn’t end up putting Vista on this computer (and I’m referencing the first video you talked about this laptop aka when you got it) is because installing any drivers resulted in hosing the OS. Sorry to point out obvious shit, I just want to say that this computer was supposed to get Vista put on it.

  5. I knew the video of the old 1525 existed at one point, but never saw it as I didn’t discover you until like early May 2012 lmao. But these are some pretty decent laptops for their time, certainly nothing special but not too bad either.

  6. I had a 1525. The hinge was starting to break, so I gave it away. At the same time I was given a Toshiba Satellite with a first gen Core i5 – that, I still have. I know you hate Toshiba, and they made some pretty shoddy machines, but this one seems to be pretty good. I upgraded it with 8GB RAM and stuck a WD Black HDD in it…Runs W10 ok. I kept the 1525 for a while, but I purged all of my Pre-Win7 machines except for one. Gave most of them away, and recycled a few that had issues. The 1525 got given away.


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