Dell 27 inch Gaming Monitor S2719DGF 144Hz 2K Impressions and Review

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I was forced to purchase a new monitor due to the lockdown and unavailable servicing of Macs at the moment. I decided on a Dell 2K 27 inch monitor and here I want to help anyone who is thinking about this monitor or is trying to compare with a 4K or 1080p monitor about how to approach the problem. Given the monitor is on the low price end I also give my opinions with pricing in mind.

These monitors can be found for sub $300, which is just ludicrous.

Side note: on the Apple issue, I do have to say that in speaking to 3 different reps from Apple Support, these were some of the most helpful and dedicated people. They did everything in their power to help and even stayed on the line for a lot longer than expected.

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